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Madison jumped up in alarm as the icy cold pool water drenched her!

“What… the FUCK!?” She screamed in terror. She had no idea how she had arrived there. All she knew, as she looked down and tried not to cry, was that she had somehow ended up in the middle of the swimming pool with her pink bikini bottom… but no top. And there above her was her younger step brother, Jesse, filming her on camera while laughing like a maniac.

Trembling with horror, confusion and most importantly fury, she jumped up from the pool and ran topless straight over to Jesse, grabbing him by the shoulders and shaking him! “WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE YOU LITTLE SHIT!?!?!”

But Jesse didn’t stop laughing. He just shut the video camera and smiled at Madison. “Mighty perky there, aren’t you sis?” he noted.

Madison’s nipples were hard and pointy, as the cold water continued to drip down the side of her breasts. Humiliated, she let go and folded her arms, squeezing them together. “You’d… you’d better tell me what’s going on right now, or I swear I’m gonna kill you!”

Jesse smiled and opened the camera back up.


He pressed the rewind button. “How about you see for yourself?”

He flipped the camera over and reached it outwards for Madison to grab. She seemed reluctant, still hiding her breasts behind her arms, shaking. “You’re a pervert,” she growled.

“Fine,” he shrugged. “I guess you DON’T want to see what happened…”

Madison moaned. Surrendering, she dropped her arms away from her breasts and grabbed the camera out of his hand. She pressed the PLAY button:

“Fuckkkkkkk me it’s hot,” Madison sighed in the lawn chair, on her phone with Becky. But it wasn’t a sigh of exhaustion. It was relaxation. She lay there in her two piece pink bikini, her green sunglasses as the sun beat down on her. She tossed her long, red hair to the side. “Nu-uh!” she giggled over the phone. “You crazy bitch!”

“Hey, sis!” Jesse chuckled, walking over to where she laid with her long, tan legs crossed.

Madison scoffed under her breath through the phone. “Hold on, Beck. It’s the retard.” She turned to Jesse, lowering her sunglasses to the tip of her nose. “Can’t you see I’m trying to RELAX?”

Jesse ignored her. “Check out my new toy!” from his hand he dropped down a shiny silver pocket watch at the end of a long chain. It glistened and twinkled in the bright sunlight, reflecting right before Madison’s eyes.

Madison scoffed again, and smiled, licking her lips in amusement. “You’re such a fucking dork.”

But again Jesse said nothing. Instead, he just let the pocket watch dangle.

Madison scoffed again, but her eyes didn’t leave the pocket watch. There seemed to be a flicker of panic in her eyes as she stared forward smiling, like she was trying to ignore the “toy” but couldn’t. Then, very slowly, her smile began to shrink. Her lips closed back together, right before opening again as her jaw dropped forward.

“It’s hot today, isn’t it, sis?” Jesse finally said.

“Yes,” Madison replied, in a soft but amused voice. Although she was helplessly fixed on the pocket watch, she appeared perfectly awake. Had you seen her you might not have even guessed that she had been hypnotized - because as you’ve probably figured out by now, that’s EXACTLY what had happened - because she seemed so casual and normal in her otherwise dreamy, mindless state.

“Hello… Maddie??” Becky’s voice came from the end of the phone, still up to Madison’s ear.

“You can go ahead and set that down, sis,” Jesse told her.

“Okay,” she said in her mellow voice. Her phone fell from her ear to the ground where it clattered and then split in half. Jesse couldn’t help but chuckle: Madison hadn’t even flinched at the sound. She just stared happily at the pocketwatch.

“I have a fun idea, sis!” Jesse continued.

“I like fun,” said hypnotized Madison.

“Go ahead and untie your bikini top.”

“Hm?” Madison asked in a confused tone and tilted her head, as if she hadn’t heard. And yet, she sat up straight, and her bare arms reached behind her and fumbled at the string. When it was undone, her top fell down to her crotch, exposing her supple breasts.

“NICE!” Jesse said with a laugh. “Now… walk forward until I say ‘STOP.’”

“I walk forward a lot,” Madison mumbled to herself like an idiot, smiling. She stood up. Her sunglasses fell from her nose to the ground next to her phone. As if she were walking from one room to another, she simply moved forward with a mindless grin on her face, somehow oblivious to the fact that the swimming pool was a few steps away.

“That’s it… keep going…” Jesse said after her. Then, Madison continued until her foot fell, her body followed and she splashed into the water.

A few seconds later, as Jesse laughed uncontrollably at the whole thing, topless Madison popped back up out of the water in shock and alarm. “What... the FUCK!?”

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